High-Speed Rail Systems
   California High-Speed Rail Authority
   French TGV System - SNCF
   Spanish AVE
   Chinese CRH

Academic HSR Programs
    California State University, Bakersfield     
    San Jose State University - Mineta Institute
    US DOT University Transportation Centers

Heavy Maintenance Facility - HMF
    Passenger and Transit Rail Manufacturing in the U.S.
    Siemens Rolling Stock Supplier Program
    Amtrak Mechanical Services
    Investing in HSR Networks - International Supply Chain
    Investing in HSR Networks - Supply Chain Chart
    CAHSR Authority HMF Site Comparison Matrix
    Kern Proposed HMF Sites: Shafter - Wasco

HSR Organizations
    Kern for HMF - Heavy Maintenance Facility
    Californians for High-Speed Rail
    US High-Speed Rail Association
    Midwest High Speed Rail Association
    Urban Design - The Center for Design Excellence

HSR Related Information
    Transit Oriented Development - TOD
    Progressive Railroading - HSR News

HSR Simulation and Visualizations
    California State Unversity, Bakersfield HSR Simulator
    Bakersfield Hybrid HSR Station
    Kern Heavy Maintenance Facility Site

Previous News, Events, and other Information

    2016 Business Plan Comments - KGET TV report April 15, 2016

   US HSR Conference Los Angeles, CA December 2012

   Siemens Tampa Tour - Full-scale mockup

   HSR Summit Washington DC January, 2012