TDH Associates International was founded in 1985 in Bakersfield, CA and expanded to San Diego in 2012. TDH entered the Renewable Energy field in 1988, and began international operations in 1994 with projects in China and Europe. Mr. Hightower the founder has been a pilot for 30 years, and speaks French fluently.
TDH is qualified to provide services on an individual, or collaborative basis worldwide. TDH is SBE and DBE certified.

Areas of Expertise

Information Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems "GIS"
  • Asset and Facilities Management
  • 3D Photorealistic Visualization and Simulations
  • Web Services, Networking, computer hardware and software
  • Renewable Energy
  • Resource Assessment, and Energy Projections
  • Large Scale Project Development (Solar and Wind)
  • Remote Power Analysis and Monitoring systems "REGIS"
  • Consulting on Green and Sustainable developments
  • Transportation Systems
  • Airline and General Aviation - Air Charter
  • Airport Managemenet and Operations - Airport GIS
  • Land Use and Transporation Modeling
  • Transit-oriented development - TOD
  • High Speed Rail - HSR
  • Summary of Projects

    Regional Planning Kern Council of Governments
    Develop GIS-based land use and transportation models. Manage model development and modeling research. Project manager for 3D visualizations.
    Founder The Hightower Energy Company - THE Company
    Newly formed division of TDH Associates International to develop large scale Renewable Energy projects, provide Renewable Energy related Consulting and Energy Monitoring systems.
    Cleantech America, Inc
    GIS based Development of large-scale Solar projects
    Founding Partner California Sunrise, LLC - Cal City, CA
    Design and co-develop three 1-10 megawat Solar PV farms. Negotiated SCE PPA and CPUC approval. CS I (1 mwatt) scheduled to begin construction Oct 2008
    Advanced Planning City of Bakersfield, Ca
    Created GIS based maps and reports to support new land developments and annexations.
    Co-founder Solar Demonstration Center, Inc.
    Designed 1 mwatt solar farm for Mojave Airport. Developed off-grid and portable power systems
    Photorealistic Visualization Project - Nice, France
    Joint-Venture with French Multi-Media Firm. Create GIS Maps and 3D Photorealistic visualizations of the Port of Nice, and Monaco. Prepared French-English Presentations for Major EU Conference, Government Officials and AD Agencies. Collaborated on Computer Animated Production
    Setup IP Telephony/VoIP Company - DSG Inc.
    Design and implement new VoIP networks and telco gateways Design, program, host and manage web servers. Developed Web based Customer Account Management System. Established, organized and managed Technical Services Department VoIP Consulting and client application design (sales engineering)
    Geographic Information Systems - California State University, Bakersfield (On going)
    Manage CSUB GIS LAB, projects and student interns. Created various GIS infrastructure maps of CSUB
    Developed Photo-realistic Visualizations for the Amtrak train station, Veteran's Memorial, Large Commercial/Residential Complex, Aerial Pipeline Patrol Mapping System
    International Wind Project Development - 200 megawatt (mw) Mainland China
    Project Development, Finance and PPA Contract Negotiations
    Wind Resource Assessment, and Turbine Siting
    Setup Wind Turbine data center in London
    Wind Project Development and Operations - SeaWest Tehachapi, Altamont, Palm Springs,CA
    Developed Production Analysis and Management System "P.A.M.S."
    Developed Turbine Information and Management System "T.I.M.S."
    Programmed VAX/vms based relational database and portable handheld computer for maintenance crews
    SR-71/A-12 Blackbird restoration for the Seattle Museum of Flight
    Air Charters (FAA Part 135), corporate aircraft management
    Develop Airport GIS Projects
    Developed Airport Lease Management Database for Bakersfield, Kern County Airport
    Develop Data Acquisition system for jet aircraft flight-testing
    Electric Vehicles
    Build and install data acquisition system in SMUD (electric utility) owned vehicles. EV Infrastructure planning and Design at Denver, CO. Design and build Electric Airport Utility vehicle. Provide road service/support for EV race in Honolulu, HI
    Other Projects
    Petroleum Oil Well Production Analysis
    Radio and Satellite communications
    Websites, Networks and Web hosting.